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Back on-line after a break

A brief note just to say that I’ve very much not given up on this web journal, in case it looked that way…

'Route 66 panorama'

I’ve been quiet because I was on a long trip in the south-west of the US – deserts, canyons and predatory wildlife in other words, as well as a 50C variation in temperature(!) – and I decided, before I left the UK, that I’d suspend my on-line activities for the duration of my travels.

I do now have lots of material to write about, starting early in the New Year, but before that I also have a rather extensive backlog of reading and viewing to do:

  • all the blogs I subscribe to;
  • three issues of ‘Great British Landscapes’;
  • and well over a thousand Flickr emails with new images from contacts and comments on my work.

I plan to get through the bulk of that before publishing anything here!

'Petrified Forest National Park'