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Published work

As an optimist, I thought I’d start a page containing links to published articles on photography and images. It’s not the most extensive of such lists as yet, but I hope it’ll grow over time. If nothing else, it provides me with a handy reference! They’re in reverse chronological order of publication.

One of my images, ‘Zip’, part of my Howgill Fells Project, was commended in the competition ‘Landscape Photographer of the Year 2011’.
It was also published in the Sunday Times on 23rd October 2011, as part of their selection, and hung as a print in the National Theatre as part of the two month exhibition of winning and commended work. I have a few comments on the competition here.
‘Featured photographer’ in issue 19 of ‘Great British Landscapes’ magazine (now ‘On landscape’).
An interview by Tim Parkin covering my approach to photography and featuring many of my favourite images.
‘Anthropomorphism in landscape photography’ in issue 17 of ‘Great British Landscapes’ magazine (now ‘On landscape’).
A discussion of how people attribute human and animal characteristics to landscapes, and images of them, and asking whether we, as photographers, can and should make use of this well-established trait.
‘4×4 Portfolio’ in issue 56 of ‘On landscape’ magazine.
A four image portfolio on the theme of ‘Letters on the land’.

If you’re looking for other articles within the site, the best route is from the sidebar on the home page, where they’re accessible by various means such as topic, time and those read most recently. Alternatively, there’s a search box at the top of each page.

2 Responses to “Published work”

  1. David Stallman

    Just took a few minutes and skimmed through your blog. Will come back when I have more time. I am just an amateur like to capture the thing that I love to see. Flickr is my primary outlet.
    I so enjoyed seeing you put into word some of my private thoughts and providing more thoughts.

    • Mike Green

      Hi David,
      I’m glad you found it interesting. I’m very much an amateur too, and Flickr is my main outlet. I’m enjoying writing down these thoughts and musings as I develop :-) Thanks for commenting.


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