Just a quick note re adverts

It was pointed out to me recently that my blog pages sometimes include advertisements. Not any more though :-)

Having never seen adverts on my own pages – a direct result both of being logged in to my account and of using a browser which removes all ads from pages – I’d not realised how many advertising panels WordPress.com presents to users who aren’t avoiding them by either of these means. I have, I hope, ‘fixed’ this now.

I’m not a big fan of ads, though clearly sites such as WordPress.com do need to make money, and targeted advertising through Google AdSense is how WordPress.com chooses to do that. Fair enough. Still, they offer an option to pay for ‘No ads’, and since I’d like to be sure of what’s appearing on my pages, I’ve opted for that option – I’d far rather pay a small amount for the excellent WordPress.com service than have it funded through targeted advertising, the nature of which I have no control over, appearing on my pages.

So, if you saw ads on these pages before, you shouldn’t be seeing them now; and if you still are, please do let me know so that I can have another go at fixing it! Thanks.

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