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‘White Scar winter hawthorn’ commended in landscape photographer of the year 2012 competition

I’m delighted to say that I have an image commended in the competition once again and that it will be published in both the ‘Landscape photographer of the year: collection 6’ book and the exhibition at the National Theatre.

White Scar winter hawthorn - LPOTY

Whilst it’s not my favourite of the images I had short-listed, I’m not remotely griping about that! It is the one I thought most likely to be selected, though I certainly wasn’t especially optimistic.

So, thanks very much to any of the judges who may read this; I appreciate the award greatly :-)

I was going to write some thoughts on photography competitions in general but thought I’d better read what I wrote when my ‘Zip’ image was commended in 2011. I think it’s fair to say that my views haven’t changed much, at least in part since these are the only two competitions I’ve entered. So, for anyone interested, here are my thoughts on LPOTY from 2011.

And next year?

I’ve not been out much making photographs in the UK recently, so I really must rectify that in the next six months or I’ll have nothing to enter for the 2013 competition. At least this year I’ll be able to get to the opening night at the National Theatre, unlike last year when I was somewhere in Arizona, in a snow-storm, at the time. I have a few days of photography coming up in Northumberland in December, so that should at least provide some images from the British Isles.

Congratulations to everyone whose images are included in the book and exhibition and I do hope to meet some of the people whose work I follow, on Flickr and elsewhere, at the opening night on the 12th November.

17 Responses to “‘White Scar winter hawthorn’ commended in landscape photographer of the year 2012 competition”

  1. gary Metcalf



    sometimes you never know what can be the best photo  :)

  2. Anonymous

    Hi Mike,
    Congratulations! I seem to have received my copy of the book ridiculously early (last week) so thanks to whoever got that wrong over at Amazon! LPOTY people said I had to keep it quiet until today. Just looking at your limestone pavement and snow image. Beautiful. The complexity of the landscape just melts away into the simple elements.
    If you’re down in London on the 12th it would be a pleasure to have a chat. All the best, Omer.

    • Mike Green

      Hi Omer,
      And congratulations, twice, to you too. Good to put a name to the Flickr username. Both great images – I especially like the softness and tranquillity of the scull boat shot. I look forward to meeting you on the 12th!

  3. Dave Moorhouse

    Congrats Mike, well deserved, a superb image. I’ve a standing order for the book with the kids at Christmas so look forward to seeing you in there again!

  4. Sam Gibbons

    Congratulations Mike ! A really lovely image ! It must have been quite hazardous capturing that image on those slippery limestone pavements.

    • Mike Green

      Thanks Sam! Yes indeed: limestone pavements covered in slippery stuff are not the ideal walking terrain and I was ‘quite conscious’ of the fact that breaking an ankle up there in the cold would have been a bad idea!


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